Featherstone Consulting Group is a SimpliVity Alliance Partner. SimpliVity offers Hyper-converged infrastructure and a data architecture that simplifies IT, operations and data—delivering 300% TCO savings. Contact us to learn more about this exciting technology.

Hyperconvergence can be thought of as Virtualization Version 2. Virtualization is a great technology, but it brings with it a new set of challenges. VM performance issues, storage issues such as fan-in ratios, IOPS issues, VM sprawl, excessive data growth, reliable offsite disaster recovery methods are just a few of the challenges virtual administrators face on a day-to-day basis.

Hyperconvergence Eliminates Many of These Issues

At Featherstone Consulting Group we looked carefully at each of the Hyperconvergence vendors on the market today. The conclusion our experts arrived at is simple: SimpliVity is indisputably the best Hyperconvergence solution on the market.

To truly simplify IT in post-virtualization data centers, the “data problem” must be addressed. That means performance, capacity, mobility, manageability, and protection of data are ensured without driving up CAPEX and OPEX. This requires a new data architecture—one that takes a VM-centric approach, ensures adequate IOPS to fuel application requirements, and drives dramatic efficiency. SimpliVity’s Data Virtualization Platform delivered on Hyperconverged infrastructure simplifies IT and operations, and uniquely enables data mobility and efficiency. SimpliVity reduces IOPS, capacity and bandwidth requirements, and provides native data protection, eliminating additional hardware and tools—resulting in a 300% TCO savings.