Most businesses we visit at Featherstone Consulting Group do not have anywhere near adequate disaster recovery plans and capabilities. The reality is, it is easier and more cost effective than ever to provide amazingly powerful disaster recovery capabilities to any business, of any size. Costs have come down so much for disaster recovery technologies that even the smallest offices can afford to have fully functional, testable, offsite disaster recovery capabilities. Contact us and we will show you how to protect your entire business from critical failures and disasters.

Based on 30+ years of onsite consulting experience in the IT industry, our staff estimates that over 90% of businesses we work with do not have anywhere near adequate disaster recovery plans and capabilities. Ask yourself the following questions:

-          What happens if a local disaster destroys my servers?

-          How will I recover in the event of a significant disk failure which wipes out my data?

-          Can my business recover from theft of key IT infrastructure?

-          How will my business continue to operate if there is a regional disaster?

-          Can my employees work from home if a local disaster makes the local network inaccessible?

-          And most importantly, what does it cost me if my network is down?


The Cost of Downtime

Many small-mid-sized businesses never consider the true cost of downtime. This can be calculated and is something you should know about your business.

The good news is state of the art disaster recovery options can now be had by any business. Contact us about protecting your business from infrastructure failure, data loss, and local and regional disasters.