Desktops are the gateway to your technology. If you have poorly performing workstations, burdensome applications, or need help finding an application solution for your business, Featherstone Consulting Group can provide integrated solutions that keep your business running optimally and efficient.

The applications you use every day to make your business run and the platform they run on, are critical to success in every company. With decades of experience ensuring that desktops run smoothly and perform optimally we can solve common, and not so common, problems that arise. Physical or virtual desktops all require that disparate applications work well together. We can recommend and implement solution suites that work.


Featherstone can provide detailed training for system administration of the operating system and network application configuration programs, to your staff. With proper training, your staff can help reduce your reliance on outside technicians and consultants.

Featherstone can provide both onsite and offsite training for all your personnel….